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SciTech DiploHub, the Barcelona Science and Technology Diplomacy Hub, is a nonprofit, independent, nonpartisan civil initiative led by an interdisciplinary, international team of scientists, engineers and foreign affairs and public policy professionals. We are committed to making Barcelona the first city in the world to implement a science and technology diplomacy strategy.

We truly believe in the essential function of science and technology in foreign policy and international relations. We are devoted to making Barcelona an influential global player in tackling humanity’s grand challenges through science and technology.

Barcelona is the world’s first city to implement a comprehensive Science and Technology Diplomacy Strategy. Join us by supporting The Barcelona Manifesto.


Barcelona is the world’s first city to implement a comprehensive Science and Technology Diplomacy Strategy. Join us by supporting the The Barcelona Manifesto.


Global Cities, Science and Technology: A New World Order

A new world order is arising around global cities and their markets, rather than nation-states and their borders. Big cities are economic, political and innovation powerhouses discreetly transforming the international scene, becoming essential diplomatic players and increasingly bypassing nation-states to create city-centered global policies. At the same time, science and technology are the new driving forces in economic and social progress and have become key tools to tackle humanity’s grand challenges.

This is redefining the role of cities as autonomous geopolitical actors. In this exciting context Barcelona has to take the lead with its own science and technology diplomacy strategy.

Meet the team

Alexis Roig
Chief Executive Officer

Martí Jiménez

Martí Jiménez
Global Programs Lead

Marta Pulido
Communications Lead

Andreu Pagès
Project Manager

Olívia Tort
Project Manager

Gianluigi Caltabiano
Project Manager

Pau Ruiz
Project Manager

Supporting members

Our mission


To build knowledge providing new insights and a better understanding of the role of science and technology in geopolitics and how global cities, as innovation powerhouses, can help addressing humanity’s grand challenges and contribute to global governance.


To create new avenues for dialogue and exchange by engaging strategically through public-private connections and partnerships among the scientific community, startups, policymakers, international relations practitioners, internationals organizations and NGOs, the consular corps, the civil society, and the private sectors as a key priority for our city strategy.


To consolidate Barcelona as an innovation capital ready to meet the global societal challenges. By focusing on multidisciplinary approaches and opening multi-stakeholder collaborations, we will increase Barcelona’s competitiveness and strengthen its global connectivity, raising the global image of the city as an essential tool of soft power and public diplomacy.



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