Who we are

SciTech DiploHub, the Barcelona Science and Technology Diplomacy Hub, is a pioneering nonprofit public-private partnership backed by leading research centers, universities, non-profits, startups, corporations and public institutions that positions Barcelona as a global lab in science diplomacy for cities around the world.

It has the mandate to elevate the role of science, technology and cities in foreign policy and make Barcelona a more influential player on the global stage by representing its knowledge and innovation ecosystem worldwide.

Making Barcelona the world’s first city to implement a science and technology diplomacy strategy



To consolidate Barcelona as an innovation capital, ready to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through science and technology.


To position the city as an influential geopolitical actor through science diplomacy. Becoming a reliable partner thus paving the way for other global cities committed to developing their own science and technology diplomacy strategies.


To promote a sound and inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue to design and deploy Barcelona’s science diplomacy action plan, through partnerships among the scientific community, startups, policymakers, NGOs, the diplomatic corps, the private sector and civil society.


To empower a global network of top scientists and technology experts educated in Barcelona to foster international cooperation, showcase our scientific strengths abroad and help us to better understand and interpret key global issues.


To become a world-class think tank where scientific expertise and innovation can be harnessed in support of an evidence-based local and foreign policy.

This is a collective project supported by over 200 world-class scientists, technology experts, foreign affairs and public policy professionals, who have already signed our Barcelona Manifesto. 

Barcelona is the world’s first city to implement a comprehensive Science and Technology Diplomacy Strategy. This a collective project supported by over 200 world-class scientists, technology experts, foreign affairs and public policy professionals.

Cities, Science and Global Governance

A new global order is arising around global cities and their markets, rather than nation-states and their borders. Big cities are economic, political and innovation powerhouses discreetly transforming the international scene, becoming essential diplomatic players and increasingly bypassing nation-states to create city-centered global policies.

At the same time, science and technology are the new driving forces in economic and social progress and have become key tools to tackle humanity’s grand challenges, from climate change to cybersecurity, being of special relevance to enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in all their dimensions (economic development, environmental protection and social development).

Executive Team

Alexis Roig
Chief Executive Officer

Martí Jiménez

Martí Jiménez
Global Programs Lead

Pau Ruiz

Pau Ruiz
Research and Training Lead

Xavier Macías
Institutional Relations and Communications Officer

Lorena Alfaro
Global Programs Officer


Science and technology are critical to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges, such as poverty, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty reduction and inequality. The roadmap to achieve such objectives was codified by the United Nations in 2015 with the Sustainable Development Goals, 17 interconnected goals that represent a blueprint for a more sustainable future for all.

SDG17 is about strengthening and streamlining cooperation between different actors, using the SDGs as a shared framework and a shared vision for defining that collaborative way forward. We understand SDG17 cannot be achieved by nation-states alone, and there are rising geopolitical actors that must take the lead in ensuring the goal moves forward. In this context, global cities and science and technology institutions not only have a crucial role, but also bear an enormous responsibility, in achieving the targets proposed by the United Nations, and in creating a more equal, sustainable world. SciTech DiploHub works in mobilizing the full potential of Barcelona in order to make this happen, and specifically contributes by facilitating cooperation (17.6), promoting technology transfer (17.7) and capacity building (17.9).

Planetary Wellbeing heavily relies on a paradigm change in everyone’s mentality: a will to transcend local silos and specificities to acquire a global sense of responsibility in every decision we ought to take. We need a transformation of our knowledge and understanding capacity, as well as in the processes of governance and decision making of global collectives, in order to find effective solutions and implement them. This qualitative step forward can only be achieved from a change of approach that allows us to work integratively, collaboratively and creating positive-sum games from the various disciplines of our current knowledge.

We are heavily working and investing in creating an environment that allows this mentality to thrive: science and technology diplomats that understand the potential of science for good, its role in the world, and the need to bypass national boundaries to solve global problems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), driven by machine learning, big data and cloud computing that outperform humans in some cognitive functions, is going mainstream. The hiperconnectivity of internet of things is transforming how devices talk to one another, and how cities are becoming intelligent entities by themselves. The genetic modification of animals and humans, the applications of biotechnology and bioinformatics, and 3D bioprinting are redefining the limits of the capable and the prosperity of health. A prosumer sustainable energy revolution and the development of wireless electricity, the commercialization of space travel, wearable technology, cryptocurrency, driverless cars, virtual reality, nanotechnology, graphene… are all capable of transforming our political, economic and social worlds.

But these breakthroughs and game changers also bring challenges. From the technology-policy gap, to the disruption of established patterns of work and skills, new dynamics in business environments, including growing concentration, geopolitical battles and ethical paradigms are issues of inquiry involving the development of such technologies. From SciTech DiploHub we want to promote a sound, critical reflection and debate on these issues, ensuring their full positive potential impact is realized while no-one is left behind.

Ecosystem Board

SciTech DiploHub is possible thanks to the commitment and support of the leading organizations of Barcelona's science, technology, public policy and international relations ecosystem. Join them and make Barcelona a leading global actor in science and technology!

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