What is Barcelona Alumni?

Barcelona Alumni is a global network of scientists, technology experts and innovation leaders trained in Barcelona. We aim to identify, bring together and empower the international community of professionals educated in the city’s knowledge ecosystem and currently based abroad. This network will foster international cooperation, showcase our scientific strengths and help us to better understand and interpret key global issues.

Our Alumni are a crucial element of Barcelona’s science diplomacy strategy as intercultural communicators, ambassadors of the city’s knowledge ecosystem and education, business and trade promoters.

Why become a Barcelona Alumni?

By becoming a member of the Barcelona Alumni community, you will be able to:

  • Network with other researchers, business leaders and organizations through a global virtual platform and recruit fellow alumni for potential collaborations and partnerships.
  • Contribute back home, acting as scientific ambassadors of Barcelona at the international level.
  • Receive a tailored Barcelona Science and Technology Update and read Alumni success stories, perspectives and ideas.
  • Access an online job exchange with professional opportunities in the Barcelona S&T ecosystem and enroll mentoring programs for career development.
  • Take part in face-to-face network events in your city and in the annually-held Barcelona Alumni Global Summit.


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